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The site's colors should convey a feeling of lightness, bringing a minimalist and clean aesthetic, leaving the pages simple and objective. Opal Green and Mystic Pink tones will be used in banner backgrounds and larger elements. Gold tones will be used in clickable elements and smaller links and elements. White and Black complement by coloring texts and minimal elements, in addition to generating contrast in elements applied to light backgrounds, such as buttons.

  • Primary colors

  • Secondary colors

  • Tertiary Colors

  • Quaternary Colors



Website fonts should convey lightness, minimalism, while maintaining a professional and corporate outlook. Bold should be avoided, however the use of uppercase font is an alternative for titles and buttons. In paragraphs, bold or italics can be used to highlight a word or phrase, while underlining will point to links and clickable elements.

  • Primary Source (Titles)

Red Hat Display (56-16px)

  • Secondary Source (paragraphs)

Helvetica Light (22-14px)





Taking into account the client's reference sites and also the design guidelines passed at the briefing meeting, we elaborated options for buttons with quaternary color (black), thin font and uppercase, respecting minimalism, but drawing attention to the click. , corners straight corners and no shadows. When hovering the mouse, the button will have a transparent fill, keeping the black in the border and in the font.


Images will be taken from free database sites, they should convey lightness, professional atmosphere and minimalism, In some cases, they may present parallax animations when applied to larger tracks. Below are some sample images:

Image by Ella Jardim
Image by Microsoft 365
Image by Amy Hirschi
Image by Samantha Gades
Image by Leone Venter



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