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We all have goals we want to achieve, challenges we want to overcome or dreams we want to fulfill. Coaching can help you achieve these goals through a creative and thought-provoking process that will inspire you to maximize your potential.

This is the ideal path for anyone looking to:

  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Find balance between work and personal life.

  • Expand career opportunities.

  • Improve professional performance.

  • Strengthen personal and professional relationships.

  • Develop skills in people management.

  • Have more confidence in decision making.

  • Improve interpersonal skills such as: communication, resilience, emotional intelligence and others.

As a coach, my goal is to walk with you and support you along this journey of self-knowledge and self-awareness. Through a collaborative process, supported by concepts such as Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking and other practical methodologies and tools, you will have more clarity about where you are and where you want to go, thus tracing the path to achieving greater personal and professional fulfillment.


For this, I develop this work on 4 different approaches:

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Executive Coaching

It is the ideal path for professionals who are looking to leverage their careers, gain more confidence in their performance, improve skills for the current or desired position, strengthen relationships with peers, leaders and team members, prepare for a promotion or gain clarity about their values, connecting them with the values of the organization in which they operate.


In this modality, you will have a better understanding of your goals and, from this, you will develop and walk in an action plan to achieve the expected results with focus and confidence.

Career Coaching

Have you been thinking about making a career transition, have doubts about which path to follow professionally, do you want to return to the job market or are you starting your professional life? So I recommend Career Coaching. We will investigate your interests, motivations and goals so that you can decide the path you want to take and take the next steps with clarity and security.

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Life Coaching

Walking a journey towards your dreams, seeking greater balance in the main areas of life and achieving personal fulfillment can be easier when you have someone to walk along with during the process. That's what Life Coaching is for. In this path, we will look at the map of your life so that you can broaden your view of your current challenges, take ownership of your choices and build the life you always wanted.

Purpose Coaching

One of the ways to find fulfillment in your personal life, feel fulfilled professionally and know that everything you do is connected to what is important to you is to understand your purpose. When you are connected with your essence, you can have more clarity about your purpose. If you want company to walk this journey of self-discovery, choose Purpose Coaching. In it, we will take an investigative journey about invitation, offer, legacy and meaning, in which you will connect with your essence and build a path with integrity and coherence.

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