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How is the TRUST level in your leadership?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

by Katia Lossano Curated by Humahub

Following the ETHICS Leadership Model, today I present to you the 3rd attribute: Trust.


Trust is an essential factor in any relationship. Trust is related to authenticity. With transparency. With courage. With knowing who the person you relate to is and at the same time opening up to this person. It's a two-way street, too.

In leadership, the presence of trust fosters a work environment in which people feel safe, respected, more autonomous, resulting in a stronger bond between leadership and their team, and between professionals and the organization.

A 2017 Harvard Business Review study found that people in high-trust companies demonstrate:

- 74% less stress

- 106% more energy at work

- 50% more productivity

- 76% more engagement

- 40% less burnout

How to build a relationship of trust, be transparent and authentic when the leader often deals with confidential information and cannot share information, especially in crisis situations?

Trust can be stimulated in many ways in leadership, including:

Accessibility: when the leader is accessible to his team, peers and the company as a whole.

Transparency: in the way of communicating, sharing decisions with the team and offering and being open to receiving feedback.

Coherence: Leadership does what it says and makes fair decisions.

Care: the leader shows that he cares about relationships and people and shows understanding.

Autonomy: the leader recognizes, values, trusts and delegates to his team.

How is the trust level in your leadership?

Reflections on Trust in Leadership:

  • Have you ever had an experience where you didn't trust someone?

  • How was your relationship with this person?

  • Have you ever had an experience where someone didn't trust you?

  • How did you act in this relationship?

  • What attitudes demonstrate trust to you?

  • What have you been doing to build trust with your team?

Katia Lossano in partnership with HUMAHUB

* Did you check the available tools here in the blog for you to practice these attributes?

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