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What does the Lojas Americanas, crisis, in Brazil, have to do with you?

Everything. And not just because one day you bought something there, while in Brazil.

I recently launched the ETHICS Leadership Model©, and talked about the importance of ethics, integrity, and consistency in leadership. This crisis, like others of a similar nature, illustrates how a series of "inconsistent" events can result in an explosion that impacts far beyond the people directly involved.

The most important thing, however, is that this episode shows, such its grandeur, that each individual had his/her moment to make the choices that were made – and consider what was considered to make the decisions that took him/she or not forward.

Behind the billions, of all operations, reports, conversations, there was one person, each in its place, making a decision that culminated in what we are watching. What led them to make these decisions along the way?

We have probably had countless situations, some simpler and some more complex, in which we came across a crossroads and had to make a decision. What guides us at this moment? What's right for us? Is it following the game and not making noise? Is it not investigating thoroughly even when something doesn't seem to go down well? Is it doing what I was told? Or is it getting into discomfort, but moving on with consistency? Maybe go against the tide, but in favor of integrity? Or even question the "obvious" in the service of the ethical?

This reflection is not about pointing the finger, unless it is for ourselves. Because every day we make small choices that may seem harmless, until one day they are not.

How aware are we, of every decision we make, of every choice we make, and of the responsibility we have as leaders?

By Katia Lossano curated by HUMAHUB

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