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What is the ETHICS Leadership Model?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

by Katia Lossano Curated by Humahub

A few days ago I published my first post, with the launch of the ETHICS Leadership Model. Today I share with you what this model represents, starting with the name.


First of all, for me, is Ethics. Thus, it already appears in the name of this model, as a pillar and starting point to build responsible, conscious leadership, based on and faithful to moral principles. Leaders often face complex issues, difficult decisions, and countless conflicting situations. In these situations, especially, having ethics as a compass is essential to ensure the correct direction, even if it is often not the easiest one.

This is one of the main conclusions of a survey published by the ECI (Ethics & Compliance Initiative) Ethic Resource Center 2017, carried out in 13 countries with more than 13 thousand respondents. The study shows that while leadership often speaks about and is an example of integrity and ethics, in the eyes of employees, top leadership holds others accountable when things go wrong. Mainly in crisis and high pressure situations, putting at risk the perception of ethics in the leadership.

In addition, the same survey showed how ethical leadership positively impacts employee retention, encourages practice of good conduct, reports of misconduct, and contributes to a more upstanding work environment. Two other surveys from 2015 and 2021, also published by the ECI Ethic Resource Center, reinforce the importance of leadership (from all hierarchical levels) in the implementation and dissemination of an ethical culture in the organization, based on their own example. The final conclusion of the report is that “when it comes to ethics, leaders are always setting the tone”!

How do you, as a leader, set the tone for ethics in your organization?

Do you want to know how to exercise this theme in your leadership?

Here are some reflections that can help you to consciously connect with ethics in your daily life and in your relationship with people in your team and company:

  • In practice, what does Ethics in Leadership mean to you?

  • Who are your references on this topic? Think of 2 or 3 people. What do they have in common?

  • Do you remember a situation in which you witnessed a leader demonstrating ethics? And the opposite?

  • What about you, have you had the opportunity to demonstrate leadership ethics with your team? What personal characteristics were evident in this situation?

  • How can you further foster ethical leadership in your organization?

The ETHICS Leadership Model represents much more than a set of letters and words! It represents attitudes that make up our way of building relationships between people!

Learn more in the coming days about the next 5 attributes of this model!

By Katia Lossano in partnership with HUMAHUB

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