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Humility and leadership, what is the relationship?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

by Katia Lossano Curated by Humahub

Continuing with the ETHICS Leadership Model, I have so far presented:




And we move on to the 4th attribute of the ETHICS Leadership Model: Humility


Humility may surprise some people when associated with leadership. However, it is an important attribute to be considered in leaders. What is humility anyway? In essence, it is the ability to see yourself as you are, neither more nor less. This ability comes from self-awareness. In fact, a survey conducted of 75 Stanford Graduate School of Business board members voted self-awareness as the top development focus for leaders.

But going back to today's topic, in leadership, humility is related to letting go of the status of the leader title and connecting equally with all people, without positioning yourself as superior. Also, be open to not always having all the answers, making mistakes, and learning from your own team. Do you want to know what you can achieve with it? A leadership that establishes true and authentic bonds, stimulates learning, innovation and promotes an environment in which everyone feels respected.

Some people might mistake this for a lack of confidence and it's definitely not the same thing. Humble leaders are usually very confident and have a good sense of what they know and don't know, without feeling weakened by it. In fact, the study already mentioned in the post on the Trust attribute, conducted by the Harvard Business Review, found that asking for help is a sign of a secure leader, who involves everyone to achieve a goal, encouraging trust and collaboration along the way.

Have you noticed humility in leadership lately?

Reflections on Humility in Leadership:

  • Who is your reference on humility in leadership?

  • What do you see in this leader that makes him or her perceived as humble?

  • In your opinion, why does this make a difference in the way this person exercises his leadership?

  • What could you incorporate into your practice as a leader?

  • What characteristics of yours demonstrate humility?

Katia Lossano in partnership with HUMAHUB

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