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What commitments do you make, as a leader?

Today I present the 6th attribute of the ETHICS Leadership Model: Commitment.

ETHICS Leadership Model (the model was upgraded throughout the process):








Commitment is what seals a relationship. When assuming a leadership position in an organization, the leader makes a commitment, often formalized through a contract. However, as a leader, your commitment goes beyond that. Leadership assumes therefore a commitment to employees, customers and the entire chain of relationships that comprises its work.

And that commitment is demonstrated by the leader's actions. Your level of commitment impacts your team's engagement, for by committing to something, the leader demonstrates that he/she believes in that cause. When you make a commitment, you take responsibility for something.

As Peter Drucker said: Until a commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes…but no plans.

According to a publication by the Cornwal Leadership Institute, commitment is at the heart of leadership. In this same publication they explore how individual commitment with a focus on collective work can create exceptional workgroups, and that it is not just leadership, but all members that drive commitment in these exceptional groups. “Creating and sustaining commitment is leadership in action, and it is a collective process.”

According to the publication, there are several factors that promote commitment at work, including a sense of purpose/mission, relationships and autonomy.

How is your commitment to the team?

How is your commitment to yourself?

Reflections on Leadership Commitment:

  • What memory do you have of an unfulfilled commitment to you?

  • How has this impacted your relationship with the people involved?

  • When you think about this experience, how was the quality of these factors in this relationship: ethics, empathy, trust, humility and intention?

  • What would you do differently next time?

  • How can you demonstrate greater commitment to your team?

Are you ready to commit to being the ambassador of the ETHICS Leadership Model in your company, and fostering ethical, empathetic, trustworthy, humble, intentional and committed leadership?

Katia Lossano in partnership with HUMAHUB

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